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Master Program

Graduate Programs
The Master of Social and Regional Development (MSRD) offers an unmatched set of degree programs in two distinct but related disciplines: (1) Division of Social Development and (2) Division of Regional Development.

Division of Social Development:
⭐This program enriches students’ background knowledge in social studies education, gender issues, and industrial innovation in the context of the social development trends in Taiwan. It also cultivates students’ competencies in social research, social studies instruction, industrial policy analysis, and industrial digitalization to become professional talents in interdisciplinary research and practice.

Division of Regional Development:
⭐Our unique combination of disciplines allows for high-impact, interdisciplinary research. We offer a set of degree programs in three distinct but related fields: (1) spatial analysis and environmental resource management, (2) landscape architecture design and leisure management, and (3) cultural innovation industry with regional planning. Our faculty members focus on how to build a functional, healthy, sustainable, and resilient social-ecological environment. After completing the program, our graduates can become social scientists rooted in the theoretical bases of regional planning and development.


Course Planning (Updated in 2023/8)

課程科目表 -社會發展組
課程科目表 -區域發展組